The TRUST Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-poor Settings is the topic of a NATURE article by science journalist Linda Nordling. Europe’s biggest research fund cracks down on ‘ethics dumping’  summarizes an announcement made by Wolfgang Burtscher, the European Commission’s Deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation, at the European Parliament in Brussels on 29 June.

At the parliament event, co-organised by TRUST, Burtscher said: “As a concrete step forward, I would like to inform you that the Code developed by TRUST will be soon included in the Participant Portal of Horizon 2020 as a reference document to be consulted and applied by all relevant research projects and serve as an education tool for the younger generation of researchers”.

This is a major success for TRUST and the best way to make the project’s Global Code sustainable beyond the duration of the project.


Part of the TRUST team at the European Parliament