Rachel Wynberg
Associate Professor
DST/NRF Bio-Economy Chair, Associate Professor, UCT

Rachel Wynberg is an academic, activist and policy analyst with a special interest in biodiversity use and benefit sharing, community rights, social justice, agroecology and environmental governance. She holds a National Research Foundation/Department of Science and Technology Research Chair on the Bio-economy at the University of Cape Town.

With a background in the natural and social sciences, she has a strong interest in interdisciplinarity and policy engagement across the humanities, arts and sciences. Bridging the gap between the theoretical dimensions of academia and the real world of environmental, social inequality and poverty challenges is one of her main passions. Over the past twenty years Rachel has advised governments, civil society organisations and international agencies on biodiversity issues and continues to be actively involved with NGOs in southern Africa.

Publications include over 140 scientific papers, technical reports and popular articles, and five co-edited books and monographs.