Signosis Sprl. is an innovative research consultancy, founded in Belgium. Signosis has the vision to become one of the most innovative companies in managing knowledge. The company’s aim is to explore and develop all necessary mechanisms and breakthrough practices in order to achieve the goal of managing our knowledge resources coherently, timely and effectively.

Signosis possesses a diverse and in‐depth know‐how in the design and management of R&D projects and offers consultancy in a range of areas, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), sustainability, social policy as well as disciplines focusing on promoting and implementing innovation in companies and public organisations.

The company’s experts have many years of experience in the Management and Consultancy sector. Signosis operates a network of professionals and experts from around Europe and regularly undertakes international project management, carrying out research activities and programmes, implementing studies and assessments and raising awareness through implementation of an effective and well‐articulated dissemination strategy. Its targeted clients are Ministries, Local Government Departments, the Public and NGOs and private companies.