The TRUST Industry and Funder Stakeholder Workshop, took place on 12‐13th June 2017at the Wellcome Trust, London.

You could find the presentations below:


Introduction by Doris Schroeder

Legality-vs-Legitimacy by Klaus Leisinger

Ethics Dumping  by Nandini Kumar & Urmila Thatte

Industry perspective on main ethical concerns about North/South research collaborations, by Thomas Cueni

A draft Global Code of Conduct for North South Collaboations – For use by Funders, by Doris Schroeder

Ethical concerns on North South collaborations for a non-profit drug research and development orhanisations, by N. Strub Wourgaft

Ethical issues  with studies in Healthy Volunteers in resource-poor settings, by Francois Bompard

Conduct of human participant research in low income countries with limited infrastructure to meet international standards, by Sandrine Fontaine

Clinical Trials in low-middle income countries: Approach to continued access to investigational medicines, by Ariella Kelman

The main ethical concerns about north south collaboration, by Michael Makanga

Fair Research_Contracting Webtool, by Jacintha Toohey

Compliance and follow-up tool for north south collaborations, by Pamela Andande and Jaci Wathuta