David Morton
Professor Emeritus. School Biosciences, University of Birmingham, UK

David Morton is Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Science and Ethics at the University of Birmingham, UK.  He is a veterinary surgeon whose research interests concern the recognition, assessment and alleviation of pain and distress in animals.  He was (retired July 2012) a member of the EU’s (EFSA (FDA equivalent)) scientific panel on animal health and animal welfare. The panel conducts risk assessment analyses for the European Commission as part of the EU’s risk management process for legislation. He was also a government adviser for the UK’s legislation controlling the use of animals in research (Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. He has sat on working groups at the Nuffield Institute in the UK, and at the Hastings Centre and the Kennedy Institute in the USA, reporting on animal experimentation. He was the prime author of the OECD’s Guidance Document on the Recognition, Assessment, and Use of Clinical Signs as Humane Endpoints for Experimental Animals Used in Safety Evaluation. He sat on several human and animal research ethics committees and runs workshops for ethics committees on animal research and project evaluation. He chaired the UK’s Joint Working Group on Refinement, and is a scientific and ethics reviewer for EU funding applications and various peer reviewed international journals, and is the author of over 200 scientific papers. He received the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) on Animal Welfare.